A bit about me and what I do

Hi! I am a Web Developer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I currently work for Traffick. This blog contains my own code, thoughts and opinions, and has nothing to do with the company.

The majority of my daily work focuses on back-end development using PHP. I have extensive experience with WordPress, along with Laravel and multiple other systems, frameworks and APIs.

I’ve been getting more involved in front-end development as well, especially with Vue.js. This website is actually built on Vue with Nuxt.

Website tech:

  • Built with Vue.js using the Nuxt framework. This provides all the features of Vue, with the added benefits of server-side rendering, Webpack and more
  • The API for content is provided by my headless WordPress website. See the API here
  • Bulma CSS framework, customised using Saas
  • Netlify for hosting the front-end and form-handling
  • DigitalOcean for hosting the back-end API. CDN provided by Cloudflare
  • Newsletter handled with Mailchimp