WP-CLI: Fully updating a website with one command

How to fully update a website (WordPress core, plugins and translation) using the WordPress Command Line Interface

March 2019

"WP-CLI is the command-line interface for WordPress. You can update plugins, configure multisite installs and much more, without using a web browser."

The WP-CLI simplifies many repetitive processes during development and provides functionality which isn't available in the admin area.

This is a small one-liner which I find myself using all the time. It allows me to update a website locally (including core WordPress, all plugins and translations) without even logging in, and get to testing the updates as quickly as possible.

You must already have WP-CLI installed, either locally or globally. Open your terminal of choice and change directory to your WordPress install:

wp core update && wp plugin update --all && wp core language update

Here is some example output from running the command:

wp core update && wp plugin update --all && wp core language update

Updating to version 5.1 (en_US)...
Success: WordPress updated successfully.
Enabling Maintenance mode...
Downloading update from https://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/classic-editor.1.4.zip...
Unpacking the update...
Installing the latest version...
Removing the old version of the plugin...
Plugin updated successfully.
Disabling Maintenance mode...
| name                       | old_version | new_version | status  |
| classic-editor             | 1.3         | 1.4         | Updated |
Success: Updated 1 of 1 plugins.

There are a number of options available for each of these commands. They can be seen here:

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